Among Us – Keybinds Guide (Imposter Exclusive, Crewmate)

This is keybinds guide (imposter exclusive, crewmate) for Among Us.

All About The Keybinds

The Main menu doesn’t show you all of the controls you can use as Crewmate, nor Imposter, here are the keys so that you can act as quickly as the situation demands.

Before we start

Unfortunately, Keybinds can not be changed at this point in time. (v2020.11.4)
Perhaps they will be allowed in the future! Check back if you need to.

Tasks will only ever allow mouse interaction, there’s no shortcut for getting through those.

Controls listed here presume you have “Keyboard + Mouse” selected in controls. (Click the Cog icon to change them.)

Crewmate Controls

WASD is for Forward, Left, Down and Right respectively, alternatively arrow keys can be used.

E / SPACE is to interact with your tasks and also the Emergency Button.

R is how you Report a Body, feel free to spam it 24/7.

 is the key to Open your Map, it’s pretty self explanatory, use this to find your tasks.

Imposter Exclusive Controls

The controls are mostly the same as Crewmate, with a few additions/changes.

Q is how you kill a Crewmate, don’t get too cocky, and use it when you’re alone.

E / SPACE will no longer do tasks, instead it will open up your Sabotage Map, where you can activate Meltdown Events.

E will also activate Vents, a very useful thing to have on quick access, however, be careful if you’re trying to open Sabotage Map.

A final piece of advice I have, is never open the proper map as Imposter, only use the Sabotage Map, it serves the same purpose, but allows you quick access to all you need to put your victims into panic mode.

By Dxwnward

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