Amnesia: The Bunker – Monster A.I. Explained

Learn how to navigate the treacherous world of Amnesia: The Bunker in our comprehensive guide. Discover the intricacies of the Monster AI and its reactions to different noises. Understand the significance of holes and the impact of lights and darkness. Find out how to defend yourself against the Monster’s relentless pursuit. Survive the Bunker by unraveling its secrets and staying one step ahead of the terrifying creature.

Amnesia: The Bunker – How the Monster Roughly Works

Monster A.I. Explained

Understanding how the Monster A.I. works in Amnesia: The Bunker can be a challenging task for many players. While the exact code behind the Monster’s behavior remains unknown, this guide aims to shed light on its rough mechanics and provide valuable insights.

Monster Behavior and Reactions

The Monster in Amnesia: The Bunker exhibits similar behavior to the Alien in Alien: Isolation. It reacts to the player’s actions, particularly the noises they generate. The Monster possesses the ability to instantly kill players with one hit, although it may sometimes only wound them.

It’s important to note that attempting to scare the Monster can actually make it stronger, so caution is advised when dealing with this formidable adversary.

Noises and their Impact

The Monster is highly responsive to all types of noises created by the player throughout the game. Unlike scripted events, the Monster’s appearances are independent and influenced by the player’s actions. However, even if certain noises are caused, the Monster may not always emerge when there are active powered lights in the vicinity.

There are two categories of noises: quiet and loud. The Monster’s reactions to these noises differ:

Quiet Noises

  • Cranking up the flashlight
  • Running
  • Tossing objects
  • Tossing empty bottles
  • Flares
  • Destroying doors
  • Slamming doors

Causing quiet noises increases the chances of the Monster emerging from a hole, but it does not guarantee its appearance. For example, running for two seconds may or may not trigger its emergence, but the more you run or crank your flashlight in succession, the higher the chances become.

Loud Noises

  • Gunshots
  • Explosions
  • Prisoner yelling

Loud noises, on the other hand, will most likely provoke the Monster to emerge. When such noises occur, the Monster may crawl into a wall before emerging from a hole. It’s advisable to seek a hiding spot in these situations.

Once the Monster emerges, it will investigate the source of the noise, with the closest hole to the origin being its target. The duration of its investigation depends on the number and intensity of the noises. For instance, an explosion may extend the investigation time to a minute or more.

It’s important to note that the Monster’s emergence does not immediately indicate awareness of the player’s presence.

Holes and their Significance

The Bunker contains numerous holes that serve as pathways for the Monster to emerge, roam, and investigate noises. Players, however, must locate keys to unlock doors and navigate the Bunker, giving the Monster an advantage.

Keep an ear out for the Monster crawling through ceilings and walls, indicated by falling dust. Distinguish this dust from random artilleries landing outside the Bunker.

When a noise is caused, especially quiet ones, the Monster may crawl to the nearest hole near the noise source and remain there. Dust constantly emanating from an active hole serves as a visual cue. Proceeding through or standing near an active hole risks the Monster snatching and instantly killing the player. Occasionally, the Monster may emerge from the hole, causing injury and temporary incapacitation.

Blocking a hole with a heavy object prevents the Monster from emerging through that specific hole, forcing it to seek alternative nearby holes.

Impact of Lights and Darkness

The status of the lights in the Bunker plays a crucial role in gameplay difficulty and the Monster’s movement patterns.

Lights Powered On: Having the lights powered on decreases the game’s difficulty in certain ways and acts as a lifeline for the player. The Monster does not roam freely in areas with active lights; instead, it remains in the holes. However, if enough noise is generated, the Monster will emerge, and nearby lights will flicker rapidly, indicating its proximity. Distant lights will flicker more slowly.

Lights Powered Off: When the lights are off, the Monster can freely roam and may not return to the holes. It is more likely to emerge from holes when noises are caused, compared to powered areas where it may not appear at all. Be cautious, as using explosions can destroy nearby lights, creating areas where the Monster can move unhindered.

Attacks and Defenses

The Monster possesses keen vision and can spot players from long distances. Once spotted, it will stand on its legs, roar, and initiate pursuit until it catches and kills the player. Evading its grasp is impossible, as it can overpower and eliminate the player.

However, there are limited defensive options available:

  • Shooting at the Monster
  • Using gas grenades or explosives

Injuring the Monster will cause it to flee into a hole temporarily. Nevertheless, it will return even more aggressive than before. Subsequent defensive measures may not always be effective, requiring multiple shots or other tools to deter it.

If the Monster loses sight of the player, it will head to the last known noise source and investigate the surrounding area, potentially breaking doors and other obstacles. It can even traverse vents. During this investigation, the Monster may pause, seemingly listening for any noises the player may make.

Locked metal doors, such as those in save rooms, cannot be broken down by the Monster. However, if the player is injured, the Monster can track their blood scent.

Understanding the Monster’s behavior and utilizing appropriate strategies are key to surviving encounters with this formidable foe.

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