Aliens: Fireteam Elite – How to Locate All Collectibles (Katanga, Indentured, Specimen)

A guide on how to locate all collectibles (Katanga, Indentured, Specimen) in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

How to Locate All Collectibles

This guide will be updated as frequently as possible to show the location of all collectibles in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. If anyone wishes to help it will be appreciated! I actually picked up the dead Facehugger, Indentured Contract, and Seegson Wrench before starting this so I will need getting pictures for those!

UAS Endeavor Collectibles

1. Fulminium Alloy is located to the Left exiting the shop area behind a crate of boxes.

2. Battle Streamers can be found continuing from picked up the alloy then making a right till you locate a refill box. Facing the box heading forward will bring you to the streamers.

Priority One: Ingress Collectibles

1. Katanga Flight Recorder: This can be found before hitting your first Xenomorph encounter. At the T Junction towards Hoenniker’s PDT Head left instead of right towards the OBJ it will be in an alcove at the end of the hall.

2. Dead Facehugger Specimen: Continue forward until reaching the Dynamo Holdout. The Facehugger can be found behind the crate I am aiming at.

3. Colonial Indentured Contract: This Final Collectible of the mission is found after the introduction of Esther. Once you enter this recognizable room, Head to where I aim to find the contract it is the orange folder.

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