Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend: How to Cheat

This guide will show how to cheat: making more money, getting more weapons and so on in Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend

How to Cheat?

For cheating, you will need:

  • 1) ArtMoney program (it doesn’t matter, I don’t have a revision)
  • 2) Access to the store in the game
  • 3) Money about 8000-10000 (since the hacking will be based on the sale and purchase of power units (they are the cheapest that in store)

To download ArtMoney

After that:

  • 1) Launch the Game if it is not already launched
  • 2) Launch ArtMoney
  • 3) Set up ArtMoney These are encodings And also search 4 with a dot and 6 with a dot bytes

The Principle of Cheating

Cheating is based on the search for an unknown value. And by sifting through the purchase of power units, I bought a power unit – the value decreased, sold – increased no need to indicate how much decreased – “The pier has decreased by 800, but increased by 120” so it won’t. I recommend it also after you bought a power unit and indicated that the value has decreased. Exit the store and run a couple of steps and then go back to the store do not buy anything and do a screening in Art Money that the value has not changed. So you filter out a lot of unnecessary addresses.

Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend: How to Cheat

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