Aground – Quest (Laboratory Achievement) and How to Speed Up Harvest

This guide will help you on quest (how to unlock laboratory achievement) and how to speed up harvest in Aground.

Quest (Laboratory Achievement)

Alchemist wants to slay a Wyrm to gain Dragonblood. Therefore, dig the ground to the bottom and find Wyrm. To slay it it is not easy. Follow it while digging the underground and attack it.

What to Do with Laboratory?

You can make “Endurance-Attack-Defense-Health-Stamina-Speed Potions and Enchanted” Shield thanks to Laboratory.

How to Speed Up Harvest?

As far as I know then more farmer bots only speed up farming speed as long as there are a shortage of work force…
Meaning that things take the time that they take so it’s only a question of figuring out how many bots it takes to collect something….


The bot collected stuff is transported to storage automatically when picked up by the bots so to control the distribution of the bots I then had the bots climb a certain platform and then afterward removed the latter and thus limiting/controlling the service area for the bot.

by FiatLux

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