Aground – How to Fix Keybindings and “Stuck Loading”

This is a guide on how to fix keybindings (workbench) and “stuck loading” in Aground.

How to Fix “Stuck Loading”?

It definitely seems to be the problem – I confirmed the issue by trying to run Aground from my flash drive on windows, and it was very slow. It’s weird tho – because it doesn’t even load anything from the hard drive after the title screen is loaded until you select something (unless it has to do with the some overlay or modio which run in the background) – so what hard drive it is installed on shouldn’t matter. Even weirder, the game runs fine when run on the same flash drive on my mac and linux test machines.

Actually, to test my theory, I deleted modio.dll from the flash drive (which disables modio functionality), and it ran fine on windows. I’ll send a bug report to them, and in the meantime, if you don’t want to move the game to your C drive and you aren’t installing mods from modio, then you can delete modio.dll.

How to Fix Keybindings?

I accidentally placed the workbench underground and couldn’t figure out how to pick it back up. I ended up alt-f4 but was wondering if there was a way to pick it up.


  • Operate the workbench (Z is the default key for keyboard), then select the Collect button on the bottom right of the window – that’ll pick it back up. This is the same for chests and other place-able items (at least, the ones that don’t auto pick up when you select them).

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