Aground – Guide (Weight Limit, Making Money, Spawn Problem: Trader)

This guide will help you on “how to make money, why trader does not spawn in multiplayer” in Aground.

Guide to Aground

How to Make Money?

You get money best from farming by putting beings into Wyrm Pens and Coral Pens , then (at least later?) use Farmer bots to tend the pens…. As far as I remember then you can also Synthesize diamonds from Dragonblood on Eastern Island.

If you have a spaceship, you can head to the other planet in the starter system. You’ll need oxygen, but there’s some valuable resources there.

How to Spawn Trader in Multiplayer?

There is some randomness to the thief – just keep interacting with the storehouse, if you’re lucky/unlucky it can take a lot longer to catch her in one play-through than another. If someone caught her and then disconnected or the game crashed, you might need to use a cheat code. Hit Ctrl+Shift+D, then paste this code to catch the thief the next time you interact with the storehouse (assuming you’ve built the workshop and don’t have the market quest yet):

  • setVar(‘trader_steal’, 3)

Default Weight Limit

The overweight limit slider does not actually affect your weight limit at all – it sets how overweight you have to be before the game stops you from moving with a warning. Usually, this slider doesn’t affect your game at all, but sometimes you will accidentally move everything from your storehouse into your inventory, take a step and instantly die because of how much weight you’re carrying. I’d put it somewhere around 25%, and if you get stuck unable to move because of it, you can move it further to the right.

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