Age of Wonders 4 – The Best Combat System Guide

Age of Wonders is a popular strategy game franchise with a rich history of evolving game mechanics, particularly in its combat system. The introduction of action points in Age of Wonders 2 greatly improved the usability of archer units, while the addition of gates to fortified structures made dedicated siege units no longer necessary.

Another notable feature in Age of Wonders 2 was the wizard domain system, where your wizard exerts domain around himself and can cast spells in battles. Age of Wonders 3 introduced new mechanics like unit facing, defense mode, and modified damage values based on the difference between attacker’s attack and defender’s defense. Overall, the Age of Wonders combat system has undergone significant changes over the years, making it an exciting and dynamic aspect of the game.

The Best Combat System Guide

The Combat System: Evolution of the Age of Wonders Franchise

The Age of Wonders franchise’s combat system is the meat and potatoes of the game. It has undergone significant changes over time to improve gameplay, making it more engaging and strategic. Let’s discuss the differences and how the system evolved over time.

Age of Wonders 1’s combat system required your troops to spawn quite far from the enemy. It took multiple turns to get your units into formation and advance enough to engage with the enemy. Units had to choose between moving and using an ability, and archer units could not move and shoot at the same time. Action points weren’t added until Age of Wonders 2, which significantly improved the usability of archer units. Walls were also more powerful in Age of Wonders 1, and opponents could not attack a walled city unless they had at least one unit capable of bypassing the walls.

Age of Wonders 2 made several changes to the combat system while still keeping the core Age of Wonders identity. Armies were placed much closer to each other at the start of battle, speeding up combat. The action point system was introduced, and gates were added to fortified structures, allowing every unit with a melee attack to damage them. The wizard domain was also introduced, making it a lot of fun for players to become a powerful wizard who manipulates the world from the safety of a tower.

Age of Wonders 3 removed miss chance from the game and added the flank bonus, where attacking an enemy from behind gives a bonus to the damage of the attacker and prevents the defender from retaliating as effectively. The defense mode was also added, making the unit immune to flanking and significantly reducing damage from attacks during the opponent’s turn. These changes made the game more engaging and strategic for players.

In conclusion, the combat system in Age of Wonders franchise has undergone significant changes to improve gameplay, making it more engaging and strategic. With each game in the franchise, the developers have introduced new mechanics that keep the game fresh and exciting for players.

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