Age of Empires IV – How to Save 12 Gb Space (Using 4K HD Videos)

Although using 4K HD videos this guide helps you on how to save 12 Gb space in Age of Empires IV.

How to Save 12 Gb Space (Using 4K HD Videos)

if you are using the 4k hdr videos, you can save 12GB by deleting the HD videos.

  • Browse local files>cardinal>movies>source
  • fe> delete the intro logo
  • campaign> delete everything except placeholder video
  • campain>en> delete all videos

Aso noticed there are audio low, medium and high folders. not sure if it’s audio quality or what. I’m not messing with them but they’re like 2gb each. would be nice to delete low and medium if they aren’t necessary but I suspect they are.

by Mr Moopsy

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