Age of Empires IV – How to Increase FPS (4K Ultra Performance)

A guide on how to increase FPS (4K ultra-performance: 3440×1440) in Age of Empires IV.

How to Increase FPS (4K Ultra Performance)

Running the game at 3440×1440. A possible fix/tip to increase your FPS if you have an issue similar to mine!

So when I started the game, the settings recommended to me by the game stated that I could run everything on High/ Ultra. However, when I started playing the game my frames were tanking and when the action really kicked off my rig was struggling to keep my game at 30 frames. So after playing with the settings I figured out what can improve FPS. It’s simple, but it could help some people.

Check the setting “Texture Detail” and change it to medium or low depending on your rig. If you read the little overview of this setting its states that the High setting is meant for 4K gaming, Medium setting is for 1080p, and Low is for everything else (the descriptions of the settings don’t make sense to me). I would think that Ultra or Maximum would be for the higher resolutions (4K and above) but I guess Relic doesn’t work that way.

This drastically improved my performance now I run above 80-100 FPS for most of the game. In terms of graphical changes, it changes almost nothing, for me at least. It is strange because I have decent specs.

So I hope this helps, nothing fancy just something so simple it may work.

My specs: RTX 3090 and AMD 9 5900x, and 64GB of ram. Also have the latest updated driver.

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