Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Tips and Tricks (Counter for Giant)

This shows tips and tricks (counter for giant) for Age of Darkness: Final Stand.

Tips and Tricks

Counter for Giant

  • A few stun-ballistas and arbalests in towers make short work of those giants.
  • In the end the artillery nightmares will do more damage to your defenses then the big bois
  • In this game only the strongest defense lines can hope to survive the later waves, BUT simply building multiple defense lines is a viable option
  • A few breaches in your defenses aren’t as bad as they look, we can rebuild buildings/defenses quickly
  • Heck, some players even went out of their way and had major success with melee units (Sentinels with attack speed/heal-on-kill)

by Silberfuchs

  • Build units, a lot of them. You need them anyway to expand your land. (To win the game you need quantity first and quality way later)
  • Build a Storehouse close to every quarry you have. That will increase your output by 2 or 3 times. So you get 300 stones instead of your 110

by Crysten

  • The strongest one is gold, if you optimize it you can get on a decent gold patch +1k6 per tick. Compared to TAB gold income comes mainly from mine and not taxes, housing is for early game income & workers ressource
  • But later on stone and iron will be critical to build defense so eventually you will need every possible patch with an advanced quarry next to a warehouse
  • And on your question, the best counter I found to giants is massing arbalest in tower & manually focus firing them (tower grant +100% dmg if you build your archer correctly). It’s a bit lame that priority targeting is not implemented yet but I suppose it should eventually be

by Dizzy

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