Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Building Base Guide

This guide helps you on building the base in Age of Darkness: Final Stand.

Building Base Guide

Expansion is key, especially since gold tends to be rather critical through out and homes do not provide a great deal of gold, locating even a small vein of gold can give you a 150-300 gold boost and the very large veins nearer the edges of the map can give upwards 500+ with just the basic quarry which makes a world of difference.

Me i tend to make layered defences, basic at first along areas not expecting a crystal wave (usually gate, wall and a tower with 2 archers, changed to a single balllista once they are unlocked and i have the spare gold).

Along areas expecting to hold back a wave i go for layered defence even more, wall, aoe flame tower, wall ballistas/towers, wall, aoer flame tower again, wall, balllista’s/towers again. This is especially useful once you get to death wave 3 where you can some rather… nasty things come for you.

I ensure each layer of the wall has a space in front of it along with gates so I can send in sentinels/flamers to help hold the enemy back, flamers especially while allowing them to retreat when they are close to death. In essence, i work to bleed the enemy while expecting at least 2 layers of defence to fall. Ideally i get rid of any nasty enemies using towers to target them specifically (would be great to have target priority but hey oh work with what you got.)

Since defensive structures don’t cost anything other than villagers they can be left at your choosing though reduced along with areas where you won’t have a death wave.

As to general building, i tend to have a woodwork shop up by day two ideally along with a training hall to start producing troops, since farms area vital early game research, that and having the keep upgraded by day 3 for the additional gold income.

One key note is to be very VERY sure where a wave will head, I have had a few cases where a wave that i though was going one direction has gone down another fork in the road and bypassed defenses as a result. So ideally always have sight on the crystal and nearby areas to ensure you know what path they will take. It helps if you have a large stockpile to build emergency defenses if required.

Also side note, always build storage buildings next to quarries, it gives a 2x boost to their gathering rate. I wish they had a radius of effect that was viewable but well it works for me atm.

by Britty mitty

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