A Long Way Down – Gameplay Tips (Combat, Maze, Monster, and More)

This guide will help you on gameplay tips (combat, maze, monster, and more) in A Long Way Down.

Gameplay Tips

The whole team wanted to showcase and put an “official” guide that will help you navigate through the game.

A Long Way Down is thought as an iterative, data and numbers oriented RPG. There are a lot of ways to improve your characters, your cards and different monsters. It was conceived as a game with different mechanics

These tips were written by lâh, our QA manager who played the game A LOT!
Feel free to send us your tips to [email protected] and we’ll add the best one.

Combat Gameplay

  • Look at the element of your weapon and the cards you use in your deck. If they match, you will do more damage. Eg: If you have an “Air” weapon, you “Air” cards will do 15% more damages.
  • Look at Monsters attack cards! Kill the monster that inflicts handicaps first.
  • Upgrade your heal cards in priority! It will help you survive in the long term.
  • If you have enough action points, heal yourself then kill the monster in that order. If you don’t, you’ll waste a heal.
  • Adapt your deck to new enemies: each world has its own monsters with their own spells. For example, “Banishment” is very useful in the world 1 but not really in the world 2.
  • “Oxydant Attack” & “Breach Exploit” are powerful cards that work well together! Keep them safe and clone’em if needed
  • Clone the “Banish” cards to have it in 2 copies. It helps to remove the buffs on enemies!
  • The card “Penitence” (Removes all target’s curses and restores {E2_Power} health points to the target..) doesn’t remove the status “

Maze Gameplay

  • If there’s a monster on your road, use the destruction tile on them to kill instantly. Savage.
  • There is the tile “Monster Upgrade” that upgrades a monster but increase rewards. Use it on a group of a monster instead of a stack of a monster!
  • If you have a “precious” tile-like “Fire camp” or “Pile of Slabs” and a “Slab Destruction” tile, be careful when you hold them. The Dungeon master may destroy one of your precious tile!
  • When a pile of monsters goes on a trap, ALL monsters get the damages!

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