5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel – How to Avoid Check/Draw

A guide on how to avoid check/draw in 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel.

How to Avoid Check/Draw

This quick guide explains how to relatively quickly find a legal time move to get yourself out of those checks/draws in which there doesn’t seem to be a legal move, yet the game still continues.

Getting Out of Check/Draw

Before anything else, make sure the check/draw isn’t occuring on an inactive board and that you can’t just simply move the king somewhere else.

To find which piece(s) can go back in time, you must:

  1. Completely ignore any boards that have pieces on them that are checking one or more of your kings, because no matter what you cannot play a time move on those (Even if you could, that would switch the turn to your opponent, who could just then take your king).
    Note that this only includes boards with the attacking piece(s) on them, because the target king may be on another board on wich you can still make moves.
  2. Completely ignore any board on which it isn’t your turn.
  3. Verify every possible queen movement.
  4. Completely ignore any rooks that either didn’t move or captured a piece during your previous turn, as they can’t go back in time, and verify the move of the others.
  5. Verify every possible bishop movement.
  6. Verify every possible knight movement.
  7. Verify every possible movement of every other piece.

If the check/draw is happening on a timeline that happens to be in the past of the other timelines, it means that in those future timelines, you have a limited number of pieces that can go far enough back in time. Here is a list of pieces and how many turns back in time they can possibly go:

  • Pawns and kings: [1]
  • Knights: [2]
  • Bishops, unicorns and dragons: [7]
  • Rooks and queens: [Theoretically Infinite number of turns]

Note: You sometimes cannot possibly prevent the check/draw, and the game hasn’t ended yet because you can still do legal moves.

In such situiations, you have no choice but to either play thoses moves or forfeit.

These situations aren’t exclusive to this game, and are present in classic chess too.

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  1. I believe there is an error on this guide. You say that bishops can move a max of 7 back in time. There is no limit to how far bishops can move back in time. This happens if the bishop moves back in time and across dimensions.

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