112 Operator – New Cheat Codes

New (updated) cheat codes for 112 Operator.

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New Cheat Codes

There’s only a few simple things you need to know.

  • a) you need to learn how to open the command screen its as easy as pressing \ backslash a screen should pop up from the top.
  • b) enabling cheats to do this type into the command screen EnableCheats
  • c) you need to know the commands to type here are the most cheating ones. Type these commands into the box at the bottom.

Type these commands into the command box:

  • 1. GiveMeTheMoney – This one is pretty self-explained type it in and you will get +$1,000,000,000 sweet and by far the best way to cheat
  • 2. AddReputation [amount of rep you want]
  • 3. AddExperienceToAllMembers [a big number] – if your numbers bug enough you can have instant max rank team members.
  • 3. ExtinguishFire [position X] [Position Y] – Removes fire easy but you do need to have the X and Y position of the fire sadly.
  • 4. UnlockAllVehicle – The name says it all. You still have to buy them though.
  • 5. Promote – You get a promotion.
  • 6. AddCareerPoints [number of career points] – Adds career points
  • 7. SolveAllIncidents – Felling under it all try this
  • 8. SkipDuty – You would not dare, would you
  • 9. KillAllSuspectsOnSite – Thats one way to deal with it
  • 10. DealDamageToOnSiteSuspects – A not as OP command

By BrTommygun

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