112 Operator – How to Edit Station Location (Maps), Final Mission (Can’t Beat)

This guide helps you on how to edit station location (OpenStreetMaps) and why can not beat in final mission (buggued) in 112 Operator.

How to Edit Station Location (Maps)?


The map data is taken directly from OpenStreetMaps, so if something has changed and no one has updated it, then it will not be visible in-game.

We are unable to provide map editing tools, but anyone is free to join the OSM project and fix maps they know well. Those changes will be reflected in-game during a server refresh (ie, the changes won’t show up instantly, but they will in time)

Thats always good and socially positive to edit OpenStreetMaps but we use our own cache, so that wont help. We will add an option to mess with that in the future, with workshop stuff.

Maps are based on real life, as an example, in my city, we have firefighters and police station, but not a hospital (there is an emergcy center but it used to store ambulance and medical teams)

Not all places are that convinient sadly, go to show you what operators have to work with.

Final Mission (Why Can’t Beat?)

Update 112 Operator.

Patch Notes

  • 3820×2160 (UHD) and 2560×1440 (WQHD) resolutions are now supported
  • Map server connection accessibility and stability fixed
  • Chinese characters readability fixed (higher resolutions available)
  • Camera movement by screen edge enabled
  • Rare bug with dogs as drivers fixed
  • Rare bug with immovable units fixed.
  • a number of minor fixes

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